1. "I feel the need, the need for speed"

Hard Drive Upgrade Offer - £199 installed and including 256GB SSD* 

Solid state drives (SSD) provide substantial benefits over traditional hard drives, and Gold Cube makes it easy to see why! Whether you're refreshing an old laptop or trying to maximise the potential of the latest desktop, SSDs are the ultimate way to "feel" the difference in your everyday computing performance!

What's the Benefit?

  • Faster loading times for programs and files, less time waiting, more productivity
  • Increased multi-tasking, have more files and web pages open without losing performance
  • Increases battery life in laptops
  • Quieter and cooler, less noise in the room and a cooler lap
  • Got an older machine? An SSD will make it seem like your machine is good as new

So here are the features vs HDDs (traditional hard drives):

  • Faster - Up to 100 times faster then traditional Hard Drives (HDD)
  • Lighter - SSD 48 grams vs HDD 113 grams 
  • Silent - No noise from the drive
  • Less power - SSD 2-4 watts compared to 6-7 watts for HDD which means up to 30 minutes more battery life for notebooks
  • Cooler - no moving parts means running 10-15 degrees less heat
  • More Reliable - annual failure rate less then 1% compared to HDD 4-6%

We will clone your existing drive and import it to the new SSD so all the data, drivers and configuration four your current machine will be copied across. 

(*larger size disks are available at extra cost)

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